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Supporting Transgender Women Living with HIV

Thanks to our generous partners at the MAC AIDS Fund, the Happy Hippie Foundation is creating new programs for transgender women living with HIV. Even though transgender women are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS– about 27% of transgender women are living with HIV compared to less than 0.3% of the general U.S. population– they remain an underserved population.
That's why we are providing support services for transgender women living with HIV in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We know that without these support services, transgender women living with HIV are more likely to be homeless, unemployed and without health care.     
How you can help:
  • We know that stigma often keeps transgender women living with HIV from seeking services. So show your support! Share this message: #HappyHippies support you no matter what your gender OR HIV status. @HappyHippieFdn
Stay tuned for more updates about the impact of our pilot programs!