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Impact Highlight: More Updates from our work in Los Angeles!

In addition to providing basic needs for homeless youth, our programs fund arts instructors, supplies and equipment to encourage creative self-expression and development. Arts programming is also used to engage homeless youth in other services and treatment, creating a pathway to core outcomes of well-being and permanent connections.
Here's what youth at My Friend's Place say about our creative arts programming:

Creative expression plays a major role in my life, it relieves stress, tells what I feel when words fail, and it brings a smile to the faces of those around me. For me, a world with out art would be a dull world indeed, for what better way to influence or touch others than through art? None, says I, without art none of the cool, fun, exciting things we have no would’ve ever been thought of. – Stormborn

Being an artist is like…you wanna express yourself so you find a way to do that without having to use words. Art was a dream to me that was taken away and took me years to get back to. Art stays in your heart. – Joe G.

Being an artist means everything to me. Being raised by an artist, it made me love making art from a young age. Making art lets me express my true feelings that can’t sometimes be described in words. – Anonymous

View some of the amazing artwork in the video below!
How you can get involved: