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Impact Highlight: Taking a Stand in Our Communities

We've received messages from Happy Hippies all over the world who are sharing what they've learned about youth homelessness and how they've started to make a difference in their own communities. Check out some of the ways Happy Hippies are helping to create change on the ground!
I'm starting to volunteer at the Women's Leadership Center. It shows that homeless youth deserve a second chance at life.

A few weeks back, I saw a young man, probably around the same age as yourself, living on the streets. I watched as SO MANY people walked past him, completely ignoring his existence. I knew in everyone's heads they were judging this poor guy. That's the thing I just don't get! Society are so good at judging people on their looks or what they are doing! They didn't know his story! They didn't know why he was living like that!

I gave the young man some money. He tried to refuse it but I wouldn't take no for an answer. I knew he didn't want to be seen as a charity case but I knew i would help him eat that night so that is what was important to me. He was grateful. I will never forget the thankfulness in his eyes amd voice when I gave it to him.

That day I felt i had made a difference. If every single one of those people in the city and given him just £1 then we could of all made a huge difference. 

-Melissa, UK

I’ve been passing homeless people all around the world, and I’ve been totally ignoring them. I don’t know why, I just haven’t been thinking about it. I regret it, and I actually feel kind off embarrassed of myself.

If I could go back in the time, I would’ve done it different. Ask if they would like some food, donate some money for them to go and get fresh clothes at least I could’ve tried to help them get a “normal life.” No one should have to live on the streets.

I’m only 15, and I have my fully life in front of me. You really got me thinking, that we all should be treated equal. It doesn’t matter if you live in a huge mansion or in a little apartment in the hood or on the street.  


How you can get involved: