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Impact Report: Update from My Friend's Place

It’s been a year and a half since Miley’s #MyFriendsPlace campaign took over the 2014 MTV VMAs, and thanks to YOUR donations, we have been able to serve some of the most vulnerable youth in Los Angeles County.

Many of the youth who visit My Friend’s Place are escaping abusive homes, leaving the foster care system or were raised by parents who had fallen into homelessness. Here are just a few of the numbers that represent our work so far:

  • 1,539 youth were provided with programs and services
  • 22,000+ pairs of socks were distributed to youth
  • 22,000+ pairs of underwear were distributed to youth
  • 22,159 meals and 11,080 snacks were served to youth
  • 450+ workshops were provided to youth, helping them to develop life skills and engage in creative arts.

And here is how some of the youth describe the personal impact of our support:

“My Friend’s Place workshops provide opportunities to learn and practice skills which I couldn’t afford to learn and practice otherwise. I enjoy Art Workshop because it gives me an opportunity to use my creative energy which decreases my anxiety.”

- Anonymous

“Most of the time I attend the workshop when I am bored and need something to do. The Art Group helps me remind myself that I am special because I have many talents and art is one of them. The workshop gives me a chance to express myself and my thoughts.”

- Marlene

“I do the Art Workshop because it helps bring out the creative side of me and it allows me to express myself without saying anything. The Art Workshop reminds me that I can do something with my art.”

- Jasmin

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