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Impact Report: Supporting Gender Expansive Youth

Thanks to your donations, Happy Hippie is providing new support services and resources for gender-expansive youth and their parents, in partnership with Gender Spectrum.

More than 900 people (youth, parents and health care providers) are using Gender Spectrum’s Lounge online platform for safe community, expert support and resources. And this number means real change for real people. Here are what some of the youth using Happy Hippie resources describe their experience:

“I have grown closer to many of my peers due to the fact that I can be more true to myself since I am out to them.”

-Teen sharing their experience about coming out during a support group

“I need unconditional support. Correct name, pronouns, stand up for me when people use the wrong ones, help me access medical and legal transition.”

-Teen sharing what support means to them during a support group

“Even when I was little I didn't feel like a girl or boy- only when I was told that ‘girls and boys are very different,’ is
when I realized I thought differently than everyone around me.”
-Teen sharing early memories about gender on The Lounge
Thank you again for your support! If you're looking for help or exploring your gender, sign up to join a support group where you can chat by video with experts and other youth from around the country and get all the resources you need to be informed and connected!