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Recap: Happy Hippie Presents #InstaPride

Thank you, Happy Hippies for all the love and support for #InstaPride! #InstaPride was created to provide resilient examples of gender-expansive youth and their loved ones, help increase acceptance, inspire others for a positive future, and confront the stigma and misconceptions around gender.
So many people from around the world shared messages of hope and support, and many individuals shared their own stories about their gender identity and experiences around gender. We have learned a lot from you and are inspired by your personal stories. ICYMI, check out @happyhippiefdn for some highlights from the Happy Hippie community!
And here are some more ways you can get involved:
  • Keep sharing your stories using #InstaPride! Happy Hippies show our pride all year long, so just because Pride season is "officially" over, that doesn't mean the celebration, love and support stops. 
  • If you are exploring your gender or consider yourself an ally for people who are, join a Happy Hippie support group! No matter what your gender identity, Happy Hippies are here to support you and help you get connected with the resources you need. Register now and gain access to digital support groups and other resources about gender.