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Impact Highlight: Updates from Our Work in Los Angeles

The Happy Hippie Foundation helps provide homeless youth with consistent support services, education and employment opportunities. That's why we're partnering with My Friend's Place to provide basic needs items and programs that build well-being for homeless youth in Los Angeles. 

Nearly 1,000 youth visited My Friend’s Place since December. Thanks to the Happy Hippies’ generous support, here are some of the highlights so far this year:

  • 15,000+ meals and snacks were served to youth
  • 10,000+ pairs of socks and 10,000+ pairs of underwear were distributed to youth
  • 400+ youth participated in the Transformative Education Program at My Friend’s Place, which provides life skills, creative arts programming and employment services for homeless youth. Participation and success in creative self-expression is an opportunity for the youth to improve self- esteem, hope, and pro-social behavior. And research shows that young people who participate in creative arts programming are four times more likely to engage in more intensive services, such as clinical case management, than non-participants
  • My Friend’s Place provided for the daily needs of companion animals with pet food and equipment such as collars, leases and carriers. My Friend’s Place also helped four young people access more intensive care for their animal companions, including one dog, Tookie, who required x-rays and surgery for a broken leg; one cat, Raven, who required x-rays and surgery for a broken leg; and one dog, Precious, who underwent spay surgery and rabies treatment to ensure that a young person would not face eviction as a result of her animal companion
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