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Impact Report:

Supporting Homeless Youth

in Los Angeles

Thanks to your donations, we are helping our partners at My Friend's Place serve nearly 1,000 youth in Los Angeles. Just this year, Happy Hippie’s support has provided:

  • 14,039 meals, 7,019 snacks, 11,000+ pairs of socks and 11,000+ pairs of underwear
  • Hundreds of creative arts workshops, activities and events, engaging hundreds of young people in the Transformative Education Program. The Transformative Education Program equips youth with marketable skills, encourages positive behavior, teaches youth how to connect with resources that improve their self-sufficiency, and create an alternative way for staff to build rapport with youth who are reluctant to access more intensive health and mental health services
  • A new intern program to help youth gain employment experience, communication skills and mentorship!
  • Supplies and vet services for animal companions like Boomer, an eight-month old puppy adopted by a young person who has maintained permanent housing for two years to assist with symptoms of depression and loneliness that he experiences when in his apartment. Per property management guidelines, Boomer needed vaccinations in order to be considered a support animal or the young  person would risk losing his apartment for violating his lease. Happy Hippie provided the vaccinations that Boomer needed so that this young person could keep Boomer, maintain housing and move toward increased stability over time. Another animal companion is Love, an eight-month-old terrier mix puppy that came to My Friend’s Place with his owners, a young couple experiencing homelessness. Love needed treatment for stomach problems that occurred due to living on the street. Happy Hippie provided funds to cover the cost of Love’s veterinary treatment and follow up. Both youth are currently partnering with My Friend’s Place case managers to work toward securing low income apartments.

Learn more about our programs and impact here and stay tuned for more updates from our work at My Friend’s Place!