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Impact Report: Supporting Gender Expansive Youth

Last year thousands of Happy Hippies were inspired by Happy Hippie Presents: Backyard Sessions and donated to support the creation of digital support groups for transgender and gender expansive youth. Since then, Happy Hippie has helped our partners at Gender Spectrum serve more than 1,300 gender expansive youth, parents and healthcare providers with digital support services. There are people participating in our programs from all 50 states and 42 countries around the world.

Here’s what some of the youth in our programs are saying:

“Group helped me realize how complex gender really is. There are so many different aspects to understand.”

“I felt a sense of community and that others understood me from my first coming to the group.”

“I came away feeling more ready to have conversations with friends and family.”

“I had so many questions about gender I didn’t know where to start. Hearing the experience of other teens in the group helped me figure out my path.”

“Before coming to group I thought there was male, female and transgender. I didn’t even know non-binary gender was a thing.”

“It is nice to know there are other people out there who feel the same way I do and deal with some of the same challenges at school and home.”

You can join a support group and find additional resources and services here!