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Impact Highlight:

Launching Digital Support Groups and Meet-Ups!

Thanks to your donations, we’re launching two new programs to support LGBTQ youth and allies and get them connected with the resources they need:

1.  Happy Hippie Digital Support Groups: we’ve created Digital Support Groups for gender-expansive and LGBTQ youth. Digital Support Groups are weekly video support groups facilitated by our partners at Gender Spectrum so young people can have safe, consistent conversations with their peers no matter where they live. One young person described their experience in Digital Support Groups so far saying “19 years of emotions bottled up since I’ve never had anyone to talk to. I don’t have many friends, except for now I have you all”.
Whether you identify as transgender, are exploring your gender identity, or want to better support a friend, we invite you to join a Digital Support Group. You can register to join here
2.  Happy Hippie Meet-Ups: we’re starting monthly Meet-Ups for young people around the world to come together and learn more about gender in a safe, moderated space. Our partners at Gender Spectrum will host a special broadcast each month, including answering your questions about gender.
Join us for our FIRST EVER Happy Hippie Meet-Up at 4pm PT on Thursday, November 5 by clicking here. Have a question you want answered? Tweet it to us @HappyHippieFdn!
Learn more here about why we're focusing on digital resources for LGBTQ youth. Thank you for your donations that make these support services possible!!!