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Honoring Elizabeth Taylor's Legacy of Activism

In honor of what would have been Elizabeth Taylor’s 85th birthday on February 27th, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation released a short video today to celebrate her legacy. The video reflects on one of the most unforgettable figures of the big screen, diving into Elizabeth Taylor’s unique and multifaceted fame, and the path that led her to become one of the most powerful activists of all time.

We are so honored that our Founder, Miley narrated the video, celebrating Elizabeth Taylor's commitment to changing the world and using her platform to advocate for some of the most marginalized populations. Elizabeth Taylor's example inspires us to continue speaking out as a new generation of activists.

Thanks to the activism of Elizabeth Taylor and many others, there has been great progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS, but the fight isn't over. Happy Hippie and Miley are passionate about ending HIV/AIDS, and each one of us can do our part to reduce new infections, confront the stigma, and make sure that people who are living with HIV/AIDS have access to the care and treatment they need to live long, healthy lives. To get involved, watch the video below and support the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation here.