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Happy Hippies at Rady Children's Hospital!

Rady Children's Hospital, which serves more than 200,000 children each year and provides care to 90% of children in the San Diego area, was full of extra joy and love yesterday during a surprise visit from Happy Hippies Miley and Liam. 

Many families spent their holidays in the hospital alongside their children or have had limited visitors recently, but the smiles, laughter and stories from the patients are direct examples of their amazing resilience and strength! Thank you to Rady's incredible team of more than 900 physicians, 1,200 nurses and 500 volunteers who provide care, support and love everyday to patients and their families.

As we enter a new year, the Rady patients and staff inspire us to continue fighting for the most vulnerable youth! To support Rady's work, you can make a donation here and choose the area where you'd like your donation to go.

Miley admiring a patient's beautiful headpiece AND mermaid tail!​

Patient reading lyrics from her phone while singing to Miley and Liam

Sharing selfies!

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