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Take Action: #HopefulHippies

After a historic 2016 US Presidential election, it's more important than ever for us to come together and recommit ourselves to the fight for justice. And making progress on the issues we care about means getting involved. Our voices and actions matter, so whether it's donating, volunteering or speaking out, pledge to be engaged in YOUR community.

Check out this special message from Miley and share your pledge to take action! You can join Happy Hippie's pledge to support education with Donor's Choose here or check out the ideas below for how you can take action on the issues you care about.

We are #HopefulHippies and #StrongerTogether!!

Here are some resources to help you take action. If you're passionate about...

  • EDUCATION: Pledge to help students by supporting classroom projects with
  • LGBTQ RIGHTS: Pledge to support your local LGBTQ community by volunteering with a LGBTQ Center
  • WOMEN'S RIGHTS: Pledge to help provide reproductive health info and services by volunteering with Planned Parenthood

  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: Pledge to make a difference in your community by volunteering at a local organization with 

  • HOMELESS YOUTH: Pledge to support LGBTQ homeless youth by volunteering with a local service provider

  • MENTAL HEALTH: Pledge to help people in crisis by volunteering as a counselor with Crisis Text Line 

  • CONSERVATION: Pledge to serve our national parks and natural resources by volunteering with 

  • ANIMAL WELFARE: Pledge to protect our animals by volunteering with the Humane Society