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Take Action: Donate to Create Happy Hippie Support Groups for LGBT Youth!

We’re fundraising for our current project: digital support groups for gender expansive and LGBT youth.

Happy Hippie Support Groups will provide a personal, moderated, safe and affirming experience, no matter where you live. They will be a place for young people to get information and help, reaching people who don’t have access to physical support groups (whether it’s because support groups are not available in their geographic area or because of other barriers, like stigma or fear). Support groups will also connect young people with direct referrals for legal and medical resources, as well as resources for family, schools and religious communities.

Why digital support groups? Because Happy Hippies are committed to helping youth achieve positive outcomes in life and acceptance helps promote self-esteem, well-being, and overall general health for LGBT young people! Experts explain that support groups promote resilience and enable LGBT youth to connect to peers, which counters the stigma they experience on a daily basis.

Every $15 provides digital support groups for one youth for a year. Donate here to help provide critical support services to LGBT youth!