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Impact Report: Seeds of Peace

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks and acts of violence worldwide, Happy Hippie began supporting peace-building initiatives through a partnership with Seeds of Peace, an organization working to raise up the next generation of peace-makers through leadership development and skills training around negotiation, mediation, conflict-resolution and communication.

With Happy Hippie’s support, Seeds of Peace has been piloting a new program bringing together youth from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities and immigration status. Happy Hippie also supports regional programs in the Middle East with eighty Israeli and Palestinian youth, including ongoing meetings and workshops after the youth return from Seeds of Peace camp, their marquee program.  

Check out Happy Hippie’s support of Seeds of Peace in action!

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training at Harvard University for New Seeds

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Seeds of Peace first gathering of American seeds from diverse backgrounds

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Seeds of Peace in the Middle East!

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