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Impact Highlight:
Happy Hippies Donate
Basic Need Items

Thank you to all the Happy Hippies who donated socks, underwear and snacks for homeless youth this holiday season!
Whether it's dancing around in our underwear, eating a snack on the run or taking off our socks after a long day, we all often take for granted the basic items in our lives that we use every day. Many homeless youth don't have clean socks and underwear, or enough food to eat. 
Part of the amazing impact of our first grant is providing new socks and underwear, snacks, and meals to every homeless youth who walks in the doors of My Friend's Place for the next 2 years. 
And we're just getting started! That's why we rallied together this holiday season to donate socks and underwear for other youth in LA. Fans donated hundreds of items! Thanks to you, youth who visit The Village Family Services in LA will have clean socks and underwear.
And it's not too late to give back!
How you can get involved:
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Thank you, Happy Hippies, for giving back!