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Happy Hippie Presents #InstaPride: Gigi

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How old are you?

Where were you born and where do you live now?
I was born in Montreal Canada, but now live in Toronto and LA :)

How would you describe yourself?
Self-respecting, fun, caring and passionate.

What do you do for a living / what are you studying in school?
I’m a YouTuber, but I was in school for Fashion in College.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m very much a mother of my puppy Bella-Princess, she is a full time job! But when I can get out of the house and let loose I never miss an opportunity!

Do you have any hidden talents / random fun facts about yourself?
I’m actually a very competitive person, I grew up skiing every winter since I was 5 and springboard and platform diving was another passion of mine for many years as a teenager! If you’re not first you’re last! LOL jk.

If you could karaoke one song, what would it be and why?
I will always love you - Whitney Houston. The lyrics are so powerful.

When was a moment in your life that you felt really free to be yourself?
After I posted my I Am Transgender video on YouTube.

Tell us about how you identify yourself
I identify as a heterosexual girl. I’ve shared most of my transition online with my viewers. Was the hardest journey emotionally I’ve ever been through and it meant the world to me to have their words of encouragement every step of the way.

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What is a challenge you’ve faced since transitioning?
The emotional aspect of not wanting to hurt or have the ones around you that love you so much worry. It takes a great toll and sometimes you can feel selfish, but you have to remain on the road to your goals or you’ll never get there!

What is a common misconception or question you encounter about your gender?
I am always asked, “How long have you known you were a girl inside your body and mind? Have you always known?” I’ve always, always known.

What does support and acceptance mean to you? Can you share a time when someone was accepting / supportive when you weren’t expecting it?  
Acceptance and support is just validation for me that I AM on the right path and did make the right decision for me because people are seeing it for what it is. I’ve had several times when family members or friends were WAY more supportive instantly than I ever could have imagined they would be. You never know what someone is capable of until you give them the opportunity! 

What was your favorite part about the Happy Hippie shoot?
Getting creative and dancing with my girl Miley! I felt like I was 13 again and we were just playing dress up.

Who came with you to the shoot and what did it mean to you to have them there?
My long time best friend and manager Scott Fisher. We’re both Canadian and I feel we’ve come so far!

What are you hopeful about in the next year—both personally and when it comes to transgender rights?
I’m hopeful that more transgender stories will come out and people will see that what is different IS beautiful and it’s nothing they should be scared or apprehensive about.

What is some advice you have for someone who exploring their gender identity or transitioning?
My advice would be to look inside yourself and don’t turn to anyone but your own soul. You’ll find what to do there.

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